11 benefits of Facebook Ads: How to achieve them?

With more than 2.5 billion users connected per month, Facebook has become an important tool for creating effective advertising campaigns, even on tight budgets.

This powerful platform offers the possibility of using different formats and reaching a large number of people through advertisements, which, segmented in the correct way, are extremely beneficial for any company. However, the scope of this social network, the It is highly valued by advertisers, so if you want to be successful in your Facebook Ads campaigns and maximize return on investment (ROI), you must define a clear strategy, which starts with the objective you want to achieve with your ad.

The question is, what do you want people to do with your ads?

Here we show you the 11 objectives of the Facebook Ads Manager, which cover different goals that you can reach, taking into account the main ones of the Customer Journey: Discovery, consideration and conversion.

Discovery Goals on Facebook:

1. Brand awareness

If you want to make your brand known to new audiences, this is the perfect goal.

Through it, you can awaken the attention of your target audience, familiarize them with your brand and highlight the characteristics that differentiate you from the competition. However, if you go to this goal, do not expect commitment in conversion or sales, because its only purpose is to make your brand visible and generate remembrance.

2. Scope

Facebook reach ads are shown to as many people as possible in your target audience - keeping budget constraints in mind.

Its purpose is to generate brand recognition or change in perception by maximizing the number of reach or impressions. Its configuration allows you to determine the frequency with which you want each user to see the ad, as well as the minimum number of days between each view.

Objectives of consideration:

3. Traffic

The traffic objective is intended to direct your target audience to an application or website.

However, if you decide to opt for this objective it is important to bear in mind that the application is only responsible for collecting the number of clicks, but not of abandonment or conversion.

4. Interaction

Taking into account past behaviors, this type of objective seeks to reach people who are more likely to interact with your publication. Which makes it ideal for strengthening brand credibility through interactions such as likes, comments, and shared content.

5. Application installation

This type of ad allows you to boost mobile application installations, directing consumers directly to stores such as the App Store or Google Play Store, to download your company's application. There, Facebook shows the ads to members of your target audience who have previously downloaded applications, thus increasing the chances of installation.

6. Video Views

The video views ad aims to get as many views as possible. This format allows you to share information about your business in a dynamic and attractive way.

7. Potential customers

This objective is ideal when you are looking to collect data from your potential customers. With these types of ads, users send their information in exchange for an attractive offer created by your company (newsletters, courses, electronic books, etc.) .

8. Messages

Through this objective, users can send direct messages to the company through Facebook Messenger.

This form is ideal to humanize your brand and connect in a more personal and direct way with your clients in the resolution of their questions and requests. Its use also requires a commitment to your audience, because if you do not respond to their queries, they will lose interest.

Conversion campaign goals:

9. Conversion

A conversion ad encourages people to perform valuable actions on your application or website (make a purchase, register, add to cart, etc.). Also, it is most successful when your potential customer is already familiar with the product, probably because they have already gone through the awareness and consideration stage.

10.  Catalog sales

If you want to show your product catalog and increase your sales, this ad is the one. In it, you will have to include your list of products, so that the platform extracts the necessary information and adjusts it to the needs and desires of your audience. In other words, through machine learning prediction, Facebook will select the most relevant products for your potential customer and direct them to them, with the sole purpose of generating sales.

11.  Business traffic

In order to break the digital barrier, the business traffic ad is perfect for companies with physical establishments.

Through these types of campaigns, Facebook sends ads to people who are geographically close, making it more likely that they will visit you. However, it is necessary to clarify that the platform targets its ads on people's location, so other types of audience demographics are not considered.

Since you know the objectives of Facebook Ads, you will know which is the ideal one to use in your ads.

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