Corporate identity: the importance of rebranding

Can you ensure that you have a good visual presence? The corporate identity of your brand is the most important thing, it is what represents you and how the public looks at you.

A brand with a suitable identity guarantees more sales, since the customer knows what he expects from your product and its quality. Is your style no longer suited to your product or target group? Then it is time to make a change and opt for Rebranding.

The correct corporate identity

Are you guided by a first impression? Do not worry, it is normal for you to do it, and just as you do, others do, including your clients, so you now understand why you have to get a good image, and make sure that the style of your company manages to express immediately who you are and what you represent.

This, in turn, is linked to visibility, since a better image will guarantee a better presence in the market. Not only do brains label things they often see as trustworthy and attractive, it also has something to do with repetition, as the more you observe something, the faster it sticks in your memory and captures your attention.

When is the right time to do a rebranding?

Has it happened to you that you have wanted to make a change to your appearance for years and you look careless? The same goes for your brand. Time to adjust your appearance! Even when a product is no longer relevant, if its positioning is wrong, it is time to think about a change.

Use a corporate identity manual

If you consider the above, you probably noticed that a brand style manual is necessary. In this style manual of your company, you must take into account everything about the style you want to show: color codes, typography and use of images. Immediately put what is really NOT possible. That may seem superfluous, but it helps the creative person or designer be clear about what you want to show and what you don't. Clarity is key, also with a home style manual.

Do you need a good (and new) corporate identity? Are you ready for a rebrand?

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