Facebook ads: how to make a successful campaign

Social networks are in full swing, they went from being a communication and information channel to being the ideal medium for online campaigns. Facebook went from being a simple social network, through which you can communicate and make friends anywhere in the world, to become the ideal platform to sell and promote products and services online.

Running campaigns on Facebook does not mean just uploading an image, placing a simple message and clicking the promote button. Of course it helps to do it this way, but if your goal is to achieve new customers, and for your brand to be recognized, then you are not doing it correctly.

You must bear in mind that by using posts engagement you will only be promoting the existing content of your fan page, and you will only reach your audience from it, it is not exactly an advertising campaign, since you are only promoting a publication, so if You really hope that your strategy has a good development, you should do it through the creation of campaigns in the Facebook Business Manager to take advantage of each weight, correctly select your audience and location.

Importance of Facebook Pixel

Many are unaware of the importance of using the Facebook Pixel to record important data on their web pages. Not using the Facebook Pixel, installing it on your website and using it in campaigns, will mean a great loss of money, since this code gives us the opportunity to record the visits of individuals who visit your website and use that data for the creation of remarketing campaigns and segment much better. Many giants of digital marketing and e-commerce, like Amazon. The interesting thing about the pixel is that you will not only reach the public that has already visited or seen your content, your products, but also show your ads to interested users.

Define the objective of your campaign in a clear way

It is important that you take into account the difference between your business objective and your Facebook Ads objective.

Pay attention to the following to understand the meaning of each objective, and what it is ideal to use it for:


- If your goal is SELL, the goal you should select on Facebook could select web traffic or conversions.

- If your objective is to CAPTURE LEADS, your objective for Facebook Ads could choose to be lead generation, traffic or conversions, in order to capture specific information from your audience.

- If your main objective is to get traffic to the blog, the objective of Facebook that you can use would be reach, engagement, traffic or conversions.

Segmentation is important

After choosing your objective, you will have to segment who you want to show your advertising messages to.

Choose the ideal source for the type of result you want to obtain, you can select your web page, your fan page, your Instagram business, even lists of leads that you have generated in previous campaigns with this objective.

You can create an Audience according to the interests and tastes of the people you want to reach. If your product is bicycles, then make sure that bicycles, mountain bikes, mountain bikes, among others, are included within the match of interests, set the age of the audience you want to reach, select the ideal location of those who you want your ad to reach (selecting an approximate radius or an exact location), the language (if it is only in English, only Spanish, or both).

You can also add similar or Lookalike audiences to your list of audiences, which are those that by using the Pixel, a scan is made according to the approximation to your main audience and this takes data as a percentage, that from 1 to 5 (being 1 % very similar - 5% wider) is responsible for looking for audiences that resemble your main target and sending them the message of the promotion of your ads. It is a tool that allows you to find new audiences that are related to your main target audience, adding new users that resemble the segmentation with which you have already worked. Ideal for expanding the borders of your ads.

Tips to take in mind for your campaigns


- Mainly, if you want to run successful campaigns, they need to be configured through the Business Manager.

- Don't try to stretch your advertising budget. If you have little money, it is ideal to keep video for a few days during the duration of your campaign.

- If you want to achieve good results, remember that sometimes you have to invest more than we have planned. With $ 4 a day, you may not get the sales results that you want so much, but to generate contact leads, it may be possible. But it is better to invest well, to have good performance.

- Don't forget to make a good visual impression. Use good quality images, illustrations or videos. Research the ideal pixel size for each type of campaign you want to use, be it a static image or an audiovisual product.

- Take your time to create good headlines, and make the text of your campaigns very creative.

- Create Custom Audiences in your segmentations, use audience by interests or lookalikes.

- Add calls to action in your ad, for example, using emojis.

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