Guide to create an effective contest on Instagram

Did you know that Instagram accounts that run giveaways or contests can grow followers up to 70% faster than those that don't?

With over a billion active users, Instagram has become one of the most effective marketing platforms. digital. Its popularity and format have allowed companies to use it as a tool to make their brands visible, expand their reach and interact with their audience. One of the most used practices to achieve these digital marketing objectives on Instagram is undoubtedly the holding of contests.

An exchange, in which companies offer products or services of value in exchange for certain actions (follow, comment, share, post, use a certain hashtag, among others), which aim to achieve previously defined objectives.

We will give a guide of the steps you must follow to create a successful Instagram contest:

1. Define your goals

The first step in starting a contest is to define the goals you want to achieve. Whether it is generating interaction, increasing reach or increasing the number of followers, it is important that you have a clear purpose that guides your strategies, and allows you to evaluate their success once completed.

2. Establish the participation mechanics

Establish the guidelines that your audience must follow to participate in the contest. Choose them, according to the previously established objective. Some can be: Follow, use a certain hashtag, comment, tag friends, share, publish a photo or video with a tag, among others.

3. Create a representative hashtag

One of the most important elements for an attractive contest is the use of hashtags. Make sure to create a unique and attractive one that identifies your contest and links it to the content you want to generate. It should be short, relevant and memorable.

4. Choose the contest prize

If you want the public to participate, you must give them a good incentive to do so. Therefore, you must offer them relevant and attractive products or services that aim to satisfy their wishes and interests.

5. Define the method to choose the winner

It is important to be clear and let your audience know how the winner will be chosen. Among the most popular forms are voting, the use of juries or the use of automated random selection tools.

6. Define terms and conditions

When running a contest, you must follow certain legal guidelines and make them known to your audience. We recommend you share a link in your biography with the terms and conditions necessary for the development of the contest.

Some of the most common are:

 - Contest start and end dates

 - Detailed description of the prize

- Requirements that must be met to obtain the prize

- Participation restrictions (country, age, etc.)

- Choice guidelines of the winner.

- Period of time of the winner to respond and claim the prize.

- Details of the delivery of the prize

- Acknowledgment that the promotion is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, nor associated with Instagram or any other social network used during the competition.

In order, not to have legal problems, be sure to get the advice of a lawyer to carry out the contest.

7. Promote the contest

Use organic and paid promotion to publicize your contest to as many target audience as possible. In this way, you will be increasing the chances of participation.

8. Select the winner and announce it publicly

In order to guarantee the transparency and validity of the contest, it is advisable to select and publicize the winner. In this way, you will show your audience the correct performance of the activity and increase your credibility for future contests.

9. Evaluate the success of your contest

Once the contest is over, it is essential that you measure the results of the contest in terms of meeting the objectives. This will not only allow you to evaluate its effectiveness, but it will also give you information to identify possible points of success or improvement for your next contests.

You already know the steps you need to run a successful Instagram contest. Now let's get to work! Do you want to know more practical digital marketing tips? At Tribu we have the best tools to make your contest a success

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