Mindful Marketing: the brands and the planet

What is mindful marketing?

At present it is common to see how people have begun to join the environmental movement, to collaborate with the commitment to care for the planet, to the eco-friendly or pet-friendly to offer options that do not harm the planet, so it will be vital that many more brands want to be part of this movement and make it trending.

Mindful marketing, or awareness marketing, is as we see it, one of the digital marketing trends that will set the tone for next 2020.

This movement consists of companies and brands dedicating themselves to ensuring that their products have people and the planet as important elements of their corporate identity. With the arrival of the technological world, unidirectional commercial communications have progressively lost importance, so much so that their tendency to disappear is imminent, allowing a new marketing model that focuses on the final consumer, having as its main action listen to what the audience says, thinks, feels and understands that they must meet their needs to achieve the link between targetand company, consolidating the market.

Future consumers

The youngest consumers of this generation show respect forthose brands that carry out actions committed to nature and its protection. Nowadays it is common to see that consumers are attentive that the brand they consume has or is part of a noble social cause, which respects the environment and animals. This type of audience is growing by leaps and bounds, because moreand more people are joining the awareness and expecting brands to participate in important global issues, such as ecology, the protection of social or laborrights, is In other words, for them it is important that the products andservices they consume from their favorite brand are in tune with their ideals.

It’s about real commitment

It is not only aboutshowing an image that denotes association, only to show collaboration in themedia, the consumer needs to believe it, see it being a real and sincere factof the business sector.

The Corporate SocialResponsibility of these companies must also be observable in all the productsthey offer to comply with Mindful marketing. Its values ​​must comply with the guidelines so that the commitment is real and is translated into positive actions, such as the so-called "marketing of plastic", which means the reduction of its use in plates, glasses, cutlery, not use of plastic andits derivatives.

This type of eco-friendly Marketing seeks to generate consumer loyalty with the brand, regardless of the cause or causes that are used to achieve it.

At Tribu we understand the commitment that companies have to the environment, and for us it is important to promote this type of initiative that includes the commitment of marketing tocaring for the planet. Is your company eco-friendly and needs a boost in its marketing strategies and the creation of advertising campaigns?

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