The Importance Of Being A Google Premier Partner In A Digital Marketing Agency

If you are looking to publicize your company or get more visibility for your business on the web, but are forced to do it yourself and aren’t getting the right results, you’re probably already evaluating working with an agency or professional in the field. Choosing the most suitable one can be quite a dilemma!

This is why Google created a program where agencies and marketing professionals can be verified for their expertise in managing campaigns with Google Advertising and understanding of the system that governs this search engine used by 89% of Internet users who surf the web.

A Google Premier Partner or Google Partner on top of being a guarantee for quality, offers the following advantages:

  • Demonstrates knowledge and experience in the development of advertising campaigns through the different channels and the use of different Google tools
  • Maintaining long-term positive investment projections
  • Recognition for their performance and dedication in managing Google advertising campaigns
  • Continued growth and regular updates on the latest exclusive Adwords news
  • Access to strategic consultancies developed by Adwords
  • Search engine visibility for Google Partner Agencies

Why use a Google Premier Partner?

The Partner Premier badge is a guarantee. Clients know that they are always up to date with the latest Google Ads developments. Companies with the Google Partner Premier badge are entitled to display it on their website – it’s a sign of quality for customers and it represents a proven expertise and success of companies in digital marketing that goes beyond that of standard Google partners.

Maybe you have a small or medium-sized business that now has the budget to go a step further in SEO, or you're a young aspiring entrepreneur with a short window of time to get your product out there before it goes out of style – whatever the case, working with a premier partner benefits you and your business.

A key part of search engine marketing is pay-per-click (PPC). Companies use PPC as part of an effective SEM campaign for a variety of reasons, but time and budget are always key motivating factors.

PPC is an extremely useful digital marketing channel for companies with short-term marketing objectives. Once a campaign has been created, the ads become visible in a matter of days – though this comes at a price as the advertiser must pay an auction price for each click through which reaches your website.

This is why digital marketing novices find PPC campaigns daunting and potentially very costly. A poorly formulated PPC campaign could encourage clicks from visitors with no interest in a website's products and services. Too many such visitors will drain a site's marketing budget very quickly, with little or no added value.

This is why it's incredibly important for SMBs and PPCs to have the support of Google's expert Premier Partners.

TRIBU is a certified Google Agency Partner and the results of your campaigns will speak for themselves! Contact us to get a free consultation session with one of our specialists.

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