Why Are Performance Marketing Agencies Gaining Popularity?

Selecting an excellent inbound marketing company or growth hacking agency is challenging. Maybe you are unsure whether you’ve even been ripped off? After all, there’s no governing body for digital marketing agencies out there. 

So let us introduce you to a model where marketers don’t get too comfortable, otherwise they won’t get paid, and they cannot steal money right from underneath your nose.

Small businesses still reeling from the pandemic want marketers to do what they’ve been hired to do and have guaranteed ROI. There’s no other marketing opportunity and customer acquisition or conversion strategy like performance-based marketing out there today. Let’s see how it works. 

What Is Performance Marketing? 

Simply put, it is an online marketing and advertising strategy based on performance: a lead, sale, click, or download. Performance marketing represents a win-win opportunity for business owners as they pay the affiliate, advertisers, or marketing companies when an action is completed – sales are exchanged for commission payouts.

The idea is that actions like social media campaigns, advertising, or content marketing are all measurable: from brand awareness to conversions to a single ad. Also, if you have an ad campaign for a specific conversion goal, you’ll only pay the agency fee based on results. Alternatively, if you were to pay a monthly fee for ads that will run for a certain period, there’s no guarantee as to how many consumers will react to it.

Control Over Budget and ROI

TRIBU specializes in inbound marketing and growth hacking, and these services are offered to clients in a performance-based model. It is simply a bunch of marketing tactics that are quantifiable and focused on driving growth – ROI takes center stage. 

Performance-based marketing results in merchants getting additional brand and product exposure at no extra cost, with the added benefit of higher consumer engagement, conversion rates, and third-party endorsements. This all leads to increased sales, brand loyalty, and buyer retention.

Furthermore, TRIBU is a performance marketing agency on a mission to help digital agencies in the US grow by offering white label PPC management services. We measure every action driven by our campaigns to minimize risk and highlight which efforts perform best. While we do this, companies can focus on developing new services and products and strengthening client relationships.

Optimize Your Campaigns 

Performance campaigns generate data abundance, and the model is characterized by trackability and measurability. Performance marketers keep track of analytics and metrics to determine which sources of traffic perform best and allocate ad funds to those. Various data analytics tools – such as Google Data Studio and Google Tag Manager – are designed for performance marketers to keep adjusting campaigns to get better results. 

Therefore, the operations are low risk as companies know what is happening with their campaigns at every stage and can identify the best channels, audiences, and campaign objectives to increase return on investment. A diverse range of channels is used to spread campaign exposure and reach, broadening the chance for success. 

Performance marketing offers agility. Teams can make quick tactical decisions and incorporate learnings to continuously improve their offerings. Marketers need to pursue a rigorous test-and-learn regime to ensure that new insights, based on changes in technologies and consumer behavior, are fed into performance-branding programs.

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