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One of the best and most rewarding challenges of the Holland House identity change was the re-design of its logo and website. ​
The Dutch – Colombian Chamber of Commerce- Holland House is the bridge that connects companies and organizations in Colombia and the Netherlands, with the aim of leveraging internationalization and boosting business growth.

Without losing the essence of the brand and its identity elements, it was sought to shape a new proposal, which would allow them not only to connect Colombia with the Netherlands, Aruba and Curacao, but also to represent each of the clients and affiliates that have supported in its internationalization process. ​  ​ ​  

Inspired by the different changes in the Netherlands in its country brand, and motivated by its leadership in the business world, the Dutch - Colombian Chamber of Commerce Holland House renewed77 its corporate identity, adapting to the needs of the market and the challenges of the present. ​

Due to our extensive experience and professionalism, they have made us part of that great process, in which we have accompanied them in the achievement of their objectives, fulfilling their expectations to the maximum.     

With the effort and creativity that characterizes us as a Tribe, we have achieved it. We are proud to see the results! 

We focus on important elements of each country in order to unite through the logo, an identity that represents what our client wanted to show, with a fresh, modern and minimalist style, we highlight representative characteristics such as the autochthonous tulips of Holland, the coffee bean referring to Colombia and subtle lines with a movement effect representing the Caribbean islands. Achieving a positive and appropriate result for the brand.  

We are pleased to be part of the corporate identity change of Holland House, one of the most important binational chambers in Colombia, and the third of the most important Dutch chambers in the world. ​ ​  

As one of our allies, we are proud to see their satisfaction in the work that our team has done for them, because achieving their goals makes us achieve ours, ​
Thank you for making us part of the process!  

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