How did we exceed the goal of 400 leads and achieve 750 with our strategy?


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Constructora Ksas is a broad company with great experience in the construction of houses with the Steel Framing construction system and the prefabricated system throughout Colombia. Their quest to improve the company's digital presence and digital marketing brought them with us. The challenge? Get 400 leads in the first month, position ourselves as number one in google for SEA (Search Engine Ads) and improve their social media management, which led us to apply the TRIBU method in order to achieve such ambitious goals.

The main request of our client was based on the structuring and alignments between the main departments of the company, marketing and sales, in addition to this they needed greater visibility as a brand in terms of positioning and give a 180° turn to the company to become  more aspirational, in order to get leads in the required quality and quantity.

A challenge with early victories…

At TRIBU we work and determine the objectives based on the S.M.A.R.T goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound)this in order to have a clear and focused projection. For the Ksas proposal, we started our Cut the Crap strategic session in which we had more than 30 hours of work to create the strategy that would allow them to achieve their objectives. Together with our design and communication team, we carried out the visual structuring of their social networks, applying for this new beginning a friendly and appropriate language to the brand, Ksas also obtained support and consultancy in a consistent way, as well as a total restructuring of their digital campaigns

The team of specialists of our Tribe focused on the positioning campaigns in Google and Facebook ADS structured and segmented according to the strategy that was designed in the Cut the crap, also supported with a permanent work of optimizations which allowed to avoid the loss of budget and reach the most potential leads.

We work with two main strategies: The first: An emotional strategy where we focus on “Dreams come true” thus generating attention and interest on the part of the user (Brand positioning campaigns) and a second more incisive commercial strategy aimed at the hotsales leads (Remarketing campaigns) to consolidate the desire and action phase,thus fulfilling the objectives of the AIDA model. (Attention, interest, desire,action)

Short term results

In a month and a half the results  were obvious, we surpassed the goal of 400 leads almost doubling it with 750 leads obtained in just a month and a half. In the following months the amount of leads exceeded the installed capacity of Ksas to provide answers to potential customers, so the company was forced to suspend all campaigns only in the third month of having started.

Additionally, in just two months, Ksas managed to position in the first paid search places of Google, all this thanks to the quality of the ads made and the excellent optimization management of each of our specialists, which continues to guarantee our insignia as “Google premier partner”

Today, Ksas is synonymous with optimal short-term results and consolidated and fluid team work.

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