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Can a meat products company have something in common with one of the biggest brands in the world? The answer is yes. Vitamar is a Colombian company specialized in the commercialization of meat products (meat, fish, pork, chicken and seafood). Its commercial responsibility and solid business-structure have made it one of the preferred brands in the Colombian market.

The first aspect that Vitamar and brands like Coca-Cola have in common is innovation.

To quote Peter Drucker: “Every company must have the ability to innovate as one of its two core competencies” and Vitamar has proven it in more than 40 years of service.    


Vitamar always concentrated its market towards major retail outlets. Since then the idea of ​​selling to a final consumer was not solid enough to start a new commercial stage. Covid-19 brought with it consequences or crisis that ultimately became new opportunities for the brand.
2020 became a year of new challenges and the panic buying, caused by the pandemic, arrived promptly. Since Vitamar was the main supplier of large supermarkets, they devised a strategy to supply each consumer individually through a unique service and direct sales through WhatsApp.

The second aspect in common with Coca-Cola is the appropriate context for the launch of its campaigns, communication and differentiation.    

Vitamar has been characterized as a solid company, constantly evolving to always offer the best to all its customers. After living an unpleasant digital experience, we came up with a high-level proposal. The challenge? Get a greater number of leads in the cities where they were present and additionally nurture their social media with content and a quality graphic identity that would support Vitamar.

Thanks to our management at TRIBU, we currently generate more than 500 leads per month. However, this work did not end there.

After much work focused on obtaining leads, Vitamar detected that the leads were arriving, but the sales did not show the desired increase. It was at this moment that TRIBU as a growth agency entered the plane of consulting and critical analysis and managed to determine a failure in their sales funnel. We began to review in detail the results month by month and what was happening with the sales process. This management helped the company to devise an internal strategy where the lead was accompanied and oriented throughout the Customer journey in a more consultative selling, in order to increase the amount of sales..

We managed to position Vitamar in the first places of paid searches in Google Ads for meat products, placing it above its direct competition, in addition to generating more than 100 conversions monthly. Being a Google Premier Partner is not a badge that we only mention, but that we demonstrate in our execution and results.

At Facebook ADS we work on positioning and lead generation campaigns, additionally with catalog campaigns where people can access the entire list of products belonging to the Vitabox line.

Its social media has been graphically transformed and now represents the brand with the quality that it deserves to show to its clients. We have managed to increase the interaction and engagement of the account permanently, managing to raise the number of followers from 5,000 to 16,000 followers through a joint strategy between Vitamar and Tribu using influencers management and cobranding with different brands, thus achieving a significant and growth result for Vitamar.   

As a third aspect, there is another differential element with respect to other traditional businesses and that is its active online communication policy to achieve ties with its customers.


Vitamar focused on reflecting their three brand pillars that are service, quality and tradition, that they could coexist together and additionally show the freshness and premium quality of their products, they also wanted to be part of a solution to the country in times of pandemic, they managed to bring food to many homes in Colombia. They did not want to be recognized as a monotonous brand, they managed to get into the table and the hearts of users, generating valuable content under our management and direct and empathetic attention to each client.

 Working with TRIBU marks a milestone since Vitamar managed to consolidate its sales project to the final consumer, additionally improved the quality and results in its Digital Marketing Campaigns, as well as its positioning in the search engine, connecting with thousands of Colombians through its social networks.  

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